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Solid Waste management

Solid Waste management

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This is a skill-oriented course to provide hands-on practice and project work in the study of solid waste management. The main project work of this course includes the collection and segregation of solid waste, reuse of solid waste in different ways.

Code(Credit) : CUTM3102 (0-3-1)

Scheme Skill for Success (SFS)
NSQF Level 4
Duration 4 Months
Sector Skill Council for Green Jobs, Telecom Sector Skill Council
Occupations Solid Waste Collection
Entry Qualification 10th Pass or Higher
Minimum Age Above 16 years
Aligned to (QP)

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this subject are:

  • Collection of solid waste
  • Segregation of solid waste
  • Reuse of solid waste

After completing this programme-

  • The trainee will be exposed to current solid waste management requirements, issues, challenges and debates.
  • The trainee will be able to develop and understanding of perspective on SDGs.
  • The trainee will be an expert in reusing and repair of solid waste.
  • The trainee will implement activities and organizing resources to meet desired outcomes.
  • Can become entrepreneur in the related field.
  • Can do Diploma or any Advance program in the same.
  • Can become a Quality Assurance person in waste management sector after gaining experience.

Industry Participation:

Course Syllabus/Contents:

Module 1: Collection of Solid Waste ( 27 hrs)
Collection of different types of solid waste i.e. construction waste, plastic waste, plantation waste, Institutional waste, electrical waste, sanitary waste, food waste from different areas and segregation and collection.
Module 2:Re-Use of Solid Waste (27 hrs)
Landfilling, roof Top gardening from plastic wastes, compost making using sawdust and food waste, compost making using plantation waste, Making of hand made paper using institutional waste (paper), make small pieces of plastic bottles from plastic wastes to make green concrete.
Module 3:Re-pair of Solid Waste( 6 hrs)
Repair of electrical wastes and e-waste and reuse it.

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