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  • Familiarization with the principles and equipment used in the gym.
  • Develop an end-to-end technique during work out.
  • Understand the importance of the fitness in our day-to-day life.

Code(Credit) : CUTM3069 (0-3-1)

Scheme Skill for Success (SFS)
NSQF Level 4
Duration 4 Months
Occupations Coach
Entry Qualification ITI/Diploma/B. Tech/Applied Science/ Agriculture
Minimum Age 16 Years
Aligned to (QP) BWSQ3001_Gym_Assistant_v1_31_08_2018.pdf (

Course Objectives:

After completing this program students will learn

  • Proper safety technique to be followed during the exercise.
  • To implement the proper position during weight lifting.
  • Implementing of proper stretching.
  • Zumba and its effect in our life.
  • Develop excellent physical coordination and maintain good health
  • Can become gym instructor.

Industry Participation:

Course Syllabus/Contents:

Module 1:

Overview to gym and personal safety (3hrs)

Overview to the gym , types of excersises foundation to cover those excersises , the equipment used during the excersises .


  • Demonstration of gym equipment.
  • Safety demonstration.
Module 2: (3hrs)

Warm –up and stretching exercise:

  • stand stretching for the lower body
  • sit stretching for the upper body
  • sleep stretching
  • partner stretching
Module 3:

Basics of body building (21hrs)


  • chest excersisies and all the sets
  • biceps excersises and all the sets
  • triceps excersises and all the excersises
  • shoulder excersisies and all its sets
  • back excersises and all its sets
  • leg excersisies and all its sets
Module 4:
Basics of weight lifting (12hrs)


  • Weight lifting position
  • Lifts of weight and some basic technique
  • Leg stretch position weight lifting
  • Sitting weight lifting position
Module 5:
Zoomba (21 hrs)


  • Free style zoomba
  • Dumbel zoomba
  • Warm UP Zoomba
  • Dancing Zoomba
  • Fat burner zoomba

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