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Design Supervisor Wooden & Modular Furniture

Design Supervisor Wooden & Modular Furniture

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Working in wood to create high-quality furniture and units, showing skill and an aesthetic understanding of design and finish. The course covers the manufacture of free-standing and built-in furniture and units, using wood as the sole or primary material. It may include the design of furniture but comprises typically the creation of furniture and units from designs prepared by others. A design supervisor creates interior and furniture designs.

Code(Credit) : CUTM3041 (0-3-1)

Scheme Skill for Success (SFS)
NSQF Level 5
Duration 4 Months
Sector Furniture & Fittings
Occupations Design- Wooden/Modular furniture
Entry Qualification 10th Pass- Minimum
Minimum Age 18 Years
Aligned to (QP) https://nsdcindia.org/sites/default/files/FFSQ0108_Design_Supervisor_v1_11_09_2019.pdf

Course Objectives:

  • Familiarization to the principles, materials, and tools required for wooden and modular product
  • Develop an end-to-end technical understanding to developed a product
  • Complying to the industry specifications, guidelines and safety standards during work.

After completing this programme-

  • The trainee will get general knowledge& manufacturing logic in wood science and engineering.
  • The trainee will be trained with multiple skillsets under the domain of woodwork like Solid wood, Assembly, Panels, Modular Furniture Design.
  • The trainee will prepare students to supervise various machining operations in any woodworking industry.
  • May find employment with or through architectural practices, consultancy practices, furniture manufacturing companies, retailers.
  • Can join the industry as a production supervisor/assistant, furniture quality controller, & marketing associate.
  • Can become an entrepreneur in the related field.

Assessment Process:

  • The assessment agencies should have an expert to conduct the assessment NOS wise and every trainee should score a minimum of 70% in the overall assessment.
  • The assessment of the theory/knowledge will be based on a written test/viva-voce or both, while the skill test shall be hands-on practical.

Industry Participation:

  • Felder Group India, Maharastra, 2. Godrej Interio, 3. Oriply, Bhubaneswar.

Course Syllabus/Contents:

Module 1:Introduction and Classificationof Wood(3hrs)
Introduction and Serviceability,Demonstration ofStandard Safety Practices (Personal Safety, Machine/Tool Safety, Lab Safety etc.), Identification of Timber, Measurements and Marking, Sharpening and Maintenance of Tools.
Module 2: Classification of Joints and it’s use (6hrs)


  • Getting knowledge on different types of wooden joints and it’s implementation in product development
  • Hands-on over each joints through product developing mode
Module 3: Demonstration and Interpretation (15hrs)
  • Demonstration and Visualization on all types (Semi-Automatic,Automatic) of Machine
  • Physical Involvement over machine throughout live production
  • Learn to Interpretation of products drawing (2D/3D)
Module 4: Basic knowledge on Modular Furniture (9hrs)


  • Acknowledgement of raw materials for modular products
  • Preparing a of cut-plan
  • Known about different fittings and it’s uses for a modular product
  • Generation of template for modular products
Module 5: Product Development (21hrs)

Project -1

  • Practice-Decode of a drawing for modular wardrobe(As provided)
  • Practice-Identify the raw materials and fittings
  • Practice-Preparing the cut-plan based on drawing
  • Practice-Assemble the product using machining processes with all fittings maintaining the standard quality

Project -2

  • Practice-Decode of a drawing for wooden chair(As provided)
  • Practice-Identify the raw materials and fittings
  • Practice-Preparing the cut-plan based on drawing
  • Practice-Prepare the product using different joints as per requirement
Project -3
  • Practice-Involvement in live production

List of Projects/Products/Publications :

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