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Organic Farming

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This course aims at providing practical knowledge and develop a clear understanding regarding organic farming. To impart knowledge in raising of crops and their management in organic farming.


Code(Credit) : CUTM3081 (0-3-1)

Scheme Skill for Success (SFS)
NSQF Level 4
Duration 4 Months
Sector Agriculture and Allied
Occupations Agri entrepreneur
Entry Qualification ITI/Diploma/B.Tech/Applied Science/Agriculture
Minimum Age 18 Years
Aligned to (QP)

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this subject are:

  • To Understand the Concept of Organic Farming.
  • To Understand the Scope and Importance of Organic Farming.
  • To  Ensure Safe and Healthy Food production.

After completion of this said course:-

  • Skilled practitioner
  • Organic Agri. / Horti. product Entrepreneur
  • Gaining knowledge on organic farming
  • Successful raising of crops under organic farming.
  • Skilled Consultant on Organic Farming.
  • Organic farmer.

Industry Participation:

Course Syllabus/Contents:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Organic farming
Introduction to organic farming: Definition, concepts, principles and objectives, Converting soil into organic. Basic concepts of cropping pattern, cropping system and farming system. Integrated Farming System.
Module 2: Preparation and application of Organic Input:
Green manuring: Types, advantages, disadvantages, Mulching: types, advantages, Preparation of enriched compost, Preparation of vermicompost, Preparation of Panchagavya, NADEP composting, Biofertilizers: Type, application, benefits, Azolla and BGA culture and its application. 
Module 3: Organic crop management:
Nutrient management in organic production, weed management in organic production, Pest management in organic production, ITKs: Potential use in organic farming. Dos and Don’ts of Organic farming. 
Module 4: Organic certification:
Organic certification: Requirement and Procedure, Advantages of organic certification.

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