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Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singh

On the surface, Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singh is an accomplished Assistant Professor in Genetics and Plant Breeding, MSSSoA, CUTM, Paralakhemundi, Odisha with more than 3 years of experience in teaching and research. During the PG and PhD programme, Dr. Singh worked on Mutation breeding in tuberose and grasspea respectively. As a result of dissertation work Dr. Singh isolated 3 morphological mutants namely Leaf variegated, Branched and Tall mutant by the application of gamma irradiation from tuberose variety Calcutta double, while during Doctoral degree programme he isolated several morphological and biochemical mutants from Lathyrus sativus. Dr. Singh has published about 16 research articles, 2 book chapters, 1 proceeding paper and 1 popular article. He had attended more than 14 seminar/conference/ symposium/ short course/ summer and winter school at various esteemed organization. In addition to that Dr. Singh is a valued reviewer in 3 multidisciplinary reputed journals. His recent activities include teaching of UG and PG students and research activities in the area of variability and diversity study in some cereals and screening of drought tolerance genotypes in rice.
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Domain Track : Seed Production Using Manual and Molecular Methods



Mail : [email protected]

Phone : 9040104152

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Location : CUTM, Paralakhemundi

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