Product Life Cycle Management through Gate process

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At the most fundamental level, product lifecycle management (PLM) is the strategic process of managing the complete journey of a product from initial ideation, development, service, and disposal. Put another way, PLM means managing everything involved with a product from cradle to grave.

Code(Credit) : CUTM3109 (0-3-1)

Scheme Skill for Success (SFS)
NSQF Level 4
Duration 4 Months
Sector Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ)
Occupations Design and Installation
Entry Qualification ITI/Diploma/B. Tech/Applied Science/ Agriculture
Minimum Age 16 Years
Aligned to (QP)

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this subject are:

To provides software solutions for every Segment in the
company from marketing to sales to engineering which will help in:
1. value creation process
2. creating unique consumer experience
With a single, easy-to-use interface based on 3D design, analysis, simulation and
intelligence software in a collaborative interactive environment.

After completing this program -

  • Describe the state-of-the art and important trends in the area of IT support for product realization.
  • Describe the core functionality of different engineering IT tools, specifically in Catia, Dymola and Simulia.
  • Evaluate company-specific needs for PLM solutions and design PLM solutions for the Company’s product lifecycle.
  • Be able to Apply Systems Engineering principles to support the implementation of PDM
  • Evaluate and use engineering tools and PDM systems in integrated PLM solutions
  • Model, analyze and Design key product information management processes such as engineering change management, product structure management and configuration.
  • Can join industry as Project Executive.
  • Can become entrepreneur in the related field.
  • Can do Diploma or any Advance program in the same.
  • Can become a Quality Assurance person in PLM after gaining experience.

Industry Participation:

  • Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Energy, Infrastructure, Medical & Pharmaceutical.

Expert Participation:

Sri Mukundjee Pandey, Assistant Professor, Mech/Aero, Simulia CUTM Odisha, India

Sri Jagannath reddy, GTM, Electrical, System Engineering

Sri Avinash Singh, GTM, Mech, Catia

Course Syllabus/Contents:

Module 1:
Module 2:
Module 3:
Module 4:
Module 5:

List of Projects/Products/Publications :

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