Gamified DIY kits using Lasers

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This is a skill-oriented course to provide hands-on practice in making small useful instruments using laser. This will help students to design and develop prototypes by themselves.

Code(Credit) : CUTM3130 (0-2-2)

Scheme Skill for Success (SFS)
NSQF Level 4
Duration 4 Months
Sector ESSI -Electronics Sector Skill Council
Occupations Prototype designing with laser
Entry Qualification ITI/Diploma/BTech/Applied Science/Agriculture
Minimum Age 16 Years
Aligned to (QP)

Course Objectives:

After learning the course, the students will

  • Gather awareness about applications of laser in industry, medicine and entertainment.
  • Understand the safety parameters while working with Lasers
  • Get hands on experience of making instruments/prototypes for laser applications
  • Can make use of Laser sources in various fields like sensors and other instruments
  • Can become entrepreneur in the related field

Learning Record:

The trainee will submit a Practice/Project/Learning record after each class/session.

Assessment Process:

  • The assessment agencies should have an expert to conduct assessment on each aspects and every trainee should score a minimum of 70% in the overall assessment.
  • The assessment of the theory/knowledge will be based on a written test/viva-voce or both while the skill test shall be hands-on practical.

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Associate Professor in School of Applied Sciences, Department of Physics

Dr. Padmaja Patnaik has done her PhD in Physics from IITB, Mumbai under the guidance of Dr Gautam Mukhopadhya and Dr Prabhakar P Singh of IITB, Mumbai. She focuses on the application of theory behind many scientific research and applications in the field of Physics and Material Science to solve modern day problems and foster […]